"Loving Arms Early Learning Center is a great daycare! My 3 year old has been there about a year and a half and has just blossomed under the guidance of the teaching staff. She routinely comes home spouting about beluga whales or my personal favorite "cumulonimbus clouds". The curriculum is engaging and she'll be more than ready for kindergarten when the time comes. The Director is great and puts the kids and staff first. He is routinely seen in the classrooms or has lunch with the kids all the time. I highly recommend it!" -Brandon Johnson

"The Rainbow Room (4 year-olds) currently has 9 kids in it that have been together at Loving Arms for over 3 years now. My son is fortunate enough to go to a daycare in which he has been able to form long-term friendships with his classmates, learning and developing from 18 months (and younger) all the way to preparing for kindergarten." -Risa Dotson Eicke

"My daughter loves Loving Arms so much I sometimes have a hard time getting her to leave at the end of the day because she is having so much fun! She has learned so much and really blossomed at Loving Arms. So glad we found it!" -Susan Rekward

"This is a wonderful place to work. The teachers and teachers' assistants there are amazing! (and so is the cook!!!)" -Angela Taylor

"My family has attended Loving Arms since April 2016. The teachers create such a friendly family oriented environment where all children feel welcome to learn and enjoy their friends throughout the day during open play and learning activities. The staff are very friendly and always available to answer questions or help out with whatever is needed." - Will Urion