About our Center

Enrichment Programs

Music time

Field trips

Librarian visits to the Center from ICPL

Dance classes

Swimming (summer only)

Yearly pictures by Lifetouch Photography

Tuition rates

  • Blue room: $1,159 a month (4 weeks-12 months)

  • Red room: $1,159 a month (12-18 months)

  • Orange room: $1,159 a month (18-24 months)

  • Green Room: $1,078 a month (2 Years Old)

  • Yellow room: $1,003 a month (3 Years Old)

  • Indigo room: $933 a month (Preschool)

  • Kids Care: $250/month (School-age before and afterschool)

  • Summer Camp: Varies weekly (School-age)

Our center offers large indoor and outdoor spaces for our children to play and learn.

This space is graciously offered by St. Mark's Methodist Church with whom we maintain a close working relationship, however we are independent of their religious practices.