Enrichment Programs

Loving Arms Kids Care is proud to provide inclusive, child centered care and a wide range of educational opportunities. As of the summer of 2023, we have a host of enrichment programs going into our classroom as well. In addition to the below programs, we also have monthly visits from an Iowa City Public Library librarian who runs storytimes in several rooms and collaborate with other area organizations to bring diverse experiences to the center. 

Movement Class

Our movement program is all about getting the kids moving with their movement teacher coming in once a week for 30-45 minutes. They have a variety of different activities for the kids to do such as obstacle courses, relay races, gymnastics, bean bag toss, bubble wrap play and so much more. As a program we heavily encourage a lot of gross motor and outdoor play, so this is another way that we can provide that expierience from a different teacher every week. 

Art Class

As a float teacher at Loving Arms and as a talented local artist, Taera has a unique way of bringing classic art into the early childhood classroom. During their art classes weekly, kids will be exposed to different artists like Money and Matisse, while learning to appreciate the art they made alongside finding their own ways to make art. This summer they will look at different ways to create art with influences from China, Europe and more, as well as utilizing different cultural and artistic techniques. 

Garden Class

In May 2023, LAKC was able to secure grant funding from both the United Methodist Women's group at St. Marks UMC and through the Farm to ECE Iowa Program in order to start a centerwide garden program. We are so thrilled to have a brand new garden space in the back of the building (near the fire pit area). We are growing tomatoes, cucamelons, many herbs, eggplant and lots of flowers! We have birdfeeders and are looking at more ways to expand to bring in more of our area wildlife for the kids to enjoy. Children will be having storytimes in the garden weekly, helping take care of the plants and eventually harvesting and experiencing new fruits and vegetables! 

Loving Arms Kids Care is actively taking applications for a float teacher who is interested in teaching a music enrichment program. Please contact Kayla at lovingarmsdirector@gmail.com